All relationships in life are reciprocal. What makes the therapeutic relationship unique, and what makes it helpful, is that the reciprocities are clearly defined and agreed upon ahead of time. Predictable appointment times and fees are what make it possible for me to give my undivided attention, and to practice a boundless curiosity, that is not possible in other relationships.

A gentle and endless curiosity about the unique creature that is you is both practiced and modeled by me, the psychotherapist. Various experiences in the world, and differing demands upon the organism through the lifespan, serve to shut down or block the state of open curiosity natural to the young. Learning to face yourself and your life with honesty, acceptance, and a renewed sense of wonder is part of the therapeutic journey, and like all great journeys, you will need trustworthy guides along the way.

The relationship that we develop in order to explore these themes will be unique. However, I will always bring the expertise of a trained intellect, the gentle compassion that is the evolutionary birthright of all mammals, and the vast curiosity of an open and observing mind.

Reasons to Seek Therapy

Mental Tune-Up

Life contains many times of loss, mourning, crisis, and confusion. Or, as a friend of mine once said, “Life is tapioca and sometimes you just have to wade through the chunks.” It can help to have a trained, caring, objective perspective during those times.


Since the dawn of history, whenever people have had the luxury of having their survival needs met, they have turned to the big questions of existence. Your only tool for experiencing reality is your gloriously unique self, so keeping that tool in good working order, and knowing its limitations and capacity, will only help in this quest.

Human Connection

We have evolved as interdependent social beings. However, we live in a culture that aggrandizes independence, even while creating conditions that frustrate our efforts to be self-supporting. Relating to others in healthy, mutually satisfying ways involves skills that can be learned and practiced.


There is a confusing array of information in the world about what it means to be normal, happy, or even healthy. I cannot promise any of those things, and neither can anyone else. What we can do is slow down and examine these concepts. Sometimes this slowing down and examining can lead to change and growth in ways that feel good and create more stability and abundance in your life.